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At CSE, we don’t just host sporting events; we ignite passion, create memories, and redefine fan engagement.

Here’s why we stand out:

  • Dynamic Regional Sporting Events: Our arena pulses with energy during live regional sporting events.  From heart-pounding matches to electrifying performances, we curate experiences that resonate with fans.
  • Next-Level Fan Experiences: We’re not content with the ordinary.  Our commitment is to elevate fan experiences.  Whether it’s front-row seats, exclusive meet-and-greets, or interactive zones, we ensure every moment is unforgettable.
  • Value Creation Across the Board:
    • Customers: We’re more than a ticket seller; we’re memory-makers.  Our events create immersive experiences, leaving fans craving more.
    • Viewers: We deliver riveting content that keeps eyes glued to screens.  Our events are more than just live action ones; they’re shared emotions, which we intend to broadcast globally.
    • Talent: We empower young athletes and performers.  Their success fuels our legacy.
    • Brands: Partnering with us means aligning with authenticity.  Our events provide a powerful platform for brand visibility.
    • IP Owners: We respect and amplify intellectual property.  Our collaborations breathe new life into iconic brands.
  • Revenue Generation, Creatively Unleashed:
    • Media Rights: Our regional reach translates to national appeal and valuable media rights.
    • Sponsorships: Local and national brands find a home with us.
    • Streaming Subscriptions: Our digital regional presence captivates audiences, which we intend to expand nationally and globally.
    • Licensing Fees: Our content will provide sought-after entertainment, driving licensing revenue.
    • Ticket Sales: Our sold-out Fight Club OC are the norm.  We intend to expand our model to understand markets.
    • Pay-Per-View Programming: we intend to turn our events into must-watch spectacles.
    • Merchandise Sales: Fans wear their loyalty.  We intend to market our brands to our fans.
    • AI-Created Experiences: Personalization meets excitement.
  • Adaptability in an Ever-Changing Landscape:
    • Our regional sports platform thrives amidst industry shifts. Fight Club OC has sold-out events for over a decade.
    • We will cater to discerning audiences seeking premium local, regional, and national content.
    • We’re agnostic about how and where content is consumed-our focus is on delivering excellence.
  • Unveiling New Frontiers:
    • Major Fight League: Brace for adrenaline-fueled battles.
    • Extreme Roller Derby: A trilling collision of speed and strategy.
    • World Series of Dominoes: Unexpected, yet captivating.  It’s our secret weapon.
  • Leadership in the Middle Market:
    • Our existing entertainment portfolio positions us as a middle-market leader.
    • We’re not just players; we’re game-changers.
  • At CSE, we don’t settle; we soar. Join us this exhilarating journey—where passion meets purpose.

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